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Based in Texas

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Feb 2019




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Project Arrhythmia is a rhythm based bullet hell style game about technology and dystopia life. The main mechanic of the game is controlling a computer interface that will try to attack the player in sync with the music. In short your objective is simple: avoid things, and don't die!


Project Arrhythmia came to be after I found myself frustrated with the lack of any true audio centric games. I have always been interested in games like soundodger+, 140 and OSU!. Where the music is a core part of the gameplay however I found the gameplay didn't react to the music as tightly as I would like. So I set out to make a game where every sound from a chiptune beep to a guitar rift could be perfectly represented within the game.


  • Single / Multi Player Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode to Play Other's Levels
  • 20 Song Soundtrack
  • Hard and Addicting Gameplay
  • Fully Featured Level Editor with Steam Integration

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    Awards and Recognition

  • Silver Metal in Game Design
  • Gold Key in Game Design
  • Presidential Honors in Media Arts

  • Selected Articles and Quotes

    "Project Arrhythmia is a game early in development, that promises a narrative-driven experience, with gameplay reminiscent of bullet hell games. [...] The game is pretty to look at, with its minimalist style making objects easy to see, as well as allowing you to dodge things fairly efficiently while you’re flying around."

    - Michael Cottuli, Click Indie

    "Featuring a cool electronic soundtrack synced to the pulsing on-screen visuals, your aim is to survive until the end of each song/level by avoiding the variety of colourful pulsing boxes. [...] The excellent audio tracks are complemented perfectly by the pulsing visuals, making Project Arrhythmia a gloriously hypnotic audio/visual experience. A super cool rhythmic dodge-em-up."

    - Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer

    "The PlayStation 2 startup screen has gained sentience and attacks the players with groovy tunes."

    - DeadFingers

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    About Lime Studios


    Lime Studios is an independent game development and design studio created back in 2009 by Liam Craver based in Texas.

    Lime Studios



    Lime Studios

    Based in Texas

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    Project Arrhythmia


    Lime Studios is an independent game development and design studio created back in 2009 by Liam Craver. Lime Studios' current game development project is called Project Arrhythmia, a rhythmic dodge-em up.


    Lime Studios started as a hobby of Liam Craver's but soon became more than that.


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