If you haven't heard about this game yet you really need to look over the top rated games on VA-ll HALL-A or just VALLHALLA is a game I came across around 6 months ago when it was in it's earlier stages. The game immediately jumped out to me as I was idly scrolling through's homepage. It was clear this game had more care put into it then the average game on itch. However, that's only what made me click through to the game. What made me stay was the team working on it.

The team behind VA-11 HALL-A goes by Sukeban Games (yeah I laughed too, it's a great name) and let me tell you they live up to that name. I've never seen a team take game development so seriously while simultaneously not taking anything seriously. You should really follow their for all their crazy antics. Anyways, enough about Sukeban Games, let's get to what you really came here for the review of the game!

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It's definitely not easy to sell someone on a game where you're only agency is making different drinks. Thankfully the gameplay is far more interesting then it initially appears. The general premise is spelled out for you on the screen almost immediately, VALLHALLA is all about "Cyberpunk Bartender Action". The point of VALLHALLA is to let yourself be drawn into the interesting cyberpunk world your character inhabits. You take on the role of a Bartender (or two since I played both demos) and you simply go about your shift. The discussions our main character has with the bizarre customers of VALLHALLA were so interesting that I even played the demo a few times over just to see if I could get more dialogue. My first time playing, the game even crashed and I had to restart from the beginning. The fact alone that I started the game back up speaks volumes about it's ability to really pull you into it's world.


I should start off by saying the whole aesthetic of VALLHALLA is simply well done. The entire game feels perfectly packaged and whole. Everything from the characters to the small animated posters in the background simply feels right. They all feel as if they truly could inhabit a world together. Beyond just fitting nicely together the pixel art simply looks great! However, I would be doing the game a disservice if I didn't mention the fantastic soundtrack that accompanies this world. The entire soundtrack like the art for the game just feels right. It has this pre-2000s anime soundtrack vibe to it and it simply fits. All in all VALLHALLA's aesthetic should stand as an example to others looking to create their own worlds.

Verdict : (?)

If you are looking for a new and interesting take on the cyberpunk genre look no further than VALLHALLA. With it's interesting and cute characters, great art, fantastic soundtrack and witty dialogue it's a game you definitely should already own! I happily look forward to seeing what the final game brings!

Side Note: All the characters are absolutely adorable when they get drunk.