I found the more traditional system of rating a game out of 10 didn't work for me. It doesn't fully capture my feelings all the time especially when it comes to demos or not complete games, which I often also review. Consequently I developed a second rating system more based on feelings rather then numbers.

Finished Games

The creme de la creme, this title is only for those special games that make you say "damn" after finishing with your mouth on the floor. They are the kinds of games that leave you feeling empty afterwards only craving more but happy with what you got. These are a must play!

A very enjoyable game usually in the 7-9 range. However, sometimes a lower scoring one can be awarded this title based on just how much fun I had with it. These are those games that make you feel like you got a nice experience but not quite as earth shattering as Lime Certified games. I would recommend you play these.

The ones that receive this tile are just your standard run of the mill games. They didn't do anything special but weren't complete trash either they were simple ok. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to play but also wouldn't recommend you stay away it's up to you.

Stay away from these games! I usually am able to find some redeeming qualities about a game so if I rate something not good then it's a really bad game. Play at your own risk. I don't want that kind of blood on my hands.

In Development Games

These are the games that even if they are unpolished due to their unfinished state still have enough meat already that they are worth a buy. Would recommend you play or at least check out!

These games are interesting or seem like they are headed in a good direction but aren't quite done enough for me to jump right in. I'll be watching to see if I want to pick them up later but not a guaranteed good game.

Stay away from these games! Since they are still in development they could change but usually these games are buggy messes or just plain bad.